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Black Ops 2 be the Executioner

World At War, with the SMGs and M1A1 Carbine able to extend their ready ammunition supply with the selection of this attachment. It has returned in every game since: generally available for most weapon classes, and providing more sustained firepower to a varying degree. In real-life, 'Extended clip' is a bit of a misnomer: 'extended magazine' would be the more accurate term.

The term clip has come to refer to magazine in popular culture, but technically the terminology only extends to a device used to assist the loading of ammunition into a magazine. The magazine is where the firearm feeds from: and in the case of most weapons in Black Ops2, the magazines are removable for rapid resupply. This change of name is likely to avoid confusion between the other magazine-related attachment, Fast Maslin-game, Extended Clip is available for all primary weapons with the exception of the assault shield, and all pistols except the Executioner.

 It is compatible with most other attachments, with the exception of Fast Mages and Dual Wield. Extended Clip's primary effect is fairly basic: your weapon will be able to fire for longer without reloading. Precisely how much longer depends on what you pair it with: a 34.5 percent gain is the default, but this can vary between weapons. The Shotguns, B23R and Sniper Rifles (excluding the SVU-AS) see the largest percentage benefit, gaining 40% over a stock weapon.

The QBB LSW and HAMR see 100 rounds per reload instead of 75, a 33 percent increase. The SWAT-556, SMR, M8A1, PDW-57, Scorpion EVO and Five-seven all see a slightly reduced benefit, with a 30 percent increase. The M1216 sees the smallest percentage benefit, at just 25 percent - although this difference isn’t necessarily indicative of overall benefit, as some weapons consume ammunition more readily. In addition to this magazine size increase, Extended Clip will also extend your starting ammunition supply: as this is determined as a fixed number of magazines.

 This can be useful as an alternative to Scavenger in terms of extending your supply: although without the perk you won't be able to pick up extra ammo in the field. For weapons that are particularly voracious, such as the KAP-40 or Scorpion EVO, the combination of Scavenger and Extended Clip verges on essential - as their rapid consumption will otherwise leave you dry in a flash.

While Extended clip is a principally beneficial attachment, there is one downside: your reload will be slowed down slightly, by 10 percent. This will mean a 2 second reload will take 2.2 seconds instead: a relatively minor delay, but still worth considering if you're going for a speed-oriented, aggressive build. Extended Clip can be a critically useful attachment in gunfights, as the extra rounds might prevent you from running dry before your opponent is slain.  ( Call of Duty Ghost )

In such cases an untimely reload might result in your death, and as such extra bullets often prove decisive in combat. It’s great for those weapons that need reloading often: any fully-auto option with a high rate of fire will benefit. It also works for sustained defense builds: an LMG with Extended Clip will be able to provide defensive coverage for longer, without having to pause to reload. It’s never really a bad choice for any weapon, but it does face competition from Fast Mags:sometimes a faster reload can be more useful, particularly for aggressive, speed-focused builds.

With its slight increase in reload time, you might be able to tackle more opponents atone with Extended Clip - but will be left vulnerable for longer once it comes to the inevitable resupply. Still, the benefit will most often outweigh any downside. The extra rounds this attachment grants will extend your firepowerand clip your opponent's wings.