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Exploring The World In Sims 4

Excited to play the Sims 4? I guess most of us do. Despite the negative things I am hearing abou the game I am still going to play the game especially now that EA has announced something special for people like me. They are giving out rewards for those who are going to buy the new game for as long as you own the previous title, the Sims 3 or any of its expansions. It is a good marketing strategy and also good for us gamers. So it is a definitely win – win situation.
However there is something that you still need to know as this will ultimately determine whether you will be qualified for the rewards or not. The rewards will only be given to those who have bought the game via Origin or if you have registered it to EA Sim’s website. If you are qualified then you simply need to go the rewards page of the game and it will automatically add the item into your account through build mode. Rewards will only be credited to players until the last day of December 2015. That is why if I were you, I am going to claim the register my games while you still have the chance. The game will officially be released this coming September 2 and o that same day it would be wise to claim the rewards right then and there.

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